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We are Cinthia & Gerardo Martínez, we love to learn and teach everything that God and life have allowed us to know. We believe that what separates those who achieve great things in life and those who don't is education. We are creating the largest community of entrepreneurs who want to learn, teach and connect with other entrepreneurs. Do you like the idea?

Our History

It was not easy to start, we got married very young but after more than 20 years of learning, experiences and challenges we have been able to understand that the only way to grow as people is by serving others with what God gave us. Knowledge and skills!

We have a beautiful family of 4 children and in the last 15 years we have been able to form successful business teams, we have also been able to help many people to see life as we see it.

That is why we have created this website to be able to share our knowledge and experiences that we are sure will help you change your mindset regarding life and business.

Being entrepreneurs has allowed us to visit fascinating places

In recent years we have visited more than 15 countries, we have tried food, we have known cultures, places and people that in a traditional job we would not have been able to do it.

Let's learn to undertake!

Our dream is that together we can learn and develop all the skills and strategies needed to undertake and not die trying. We know that, among other things, an entrepreneur needs to learn about leadership, teamwork, personal finance, public speaking, business, sales, marketing, administration, and more. That is why in our community we will be talking about these issues with specialists, successful entrepreneurs and professionals so that they can guide us with their experience and teachings.

A million Entrepreneurs!

We are part of the community of One Million Entrepreneurs. Whose mission until 2028 is to train entrepreneurs who are capable of achieving financial freedom, having time and money to enjoy with their family.

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